How does price and product mix management unlock hidden potential?

We delivered $130M of impact from price and mix to a consumer services provider through dynamic pricing and product mix management.

The Challenge:

Amidst significant growth through acquisitions, a billion-dollar consumer services provider was faced with price decentralization. The company had limited visibility to data and analytics such as customer and product profitability. Additionally, there was a pervasive culture of disparate processes and pricing decisions within a complex market landscape.

The Solution:

INSIGHT’s expert data engineering team aggregated and centralized previously disparate data to provide clear and granular access to business conditions. We partnered with the business to identify key profitability drivers and develop a custom pricing engine to support dynamic pricing across all regions. The pricing engine was integrated with a tailored quoting application to deliver optimal price recommendations.

Beyond pricing, we equipped the sales team with guidance for optimizing product mix through good / better / best profitable scenarios and upselling packages. We drove behavior through an adjusted compensation plan.

To ensure sustainable growth, INSIGHT stood up a robust Center of Excellence to manage and optimize pricing and commercial programs ongoing, alongside actionable reporting.

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