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Help Your Sales Team Execute Price Changes Successfully: Free Webinar

Posted by Ryan White

After months of analyzing data, determining pricing segmentation and structuring a process for quoting prices, there is one thing that can make or break all your efforts (and your potential profits): your sales team.

Regardless of the processes put into place, if your sales team does not understand the reasoning behind your new pricing or the true value of the organization’s products, you will never achieve the profit potential you’ve targeted. (Side note: This statement also rings true for your customer service team.)

There is, fortunately, a proven process for getting your sales team aligned with your pricing goals. It includes four steps:

  1. Educate - Get sales reps the right information to uncover the opportunity within the current state of your organization’s pricing

  2. Engage - Empower reps to make decisions at the customer level, rather than forcing them to follow a formula

  3. Train - Help reps role play to handle objections, communicate value and practice negotiation tactics

  4. Measure - Keep your organization accountable for realizing price during and after implementation

While these steps appear straightforward, they include nuances only learned after several years exposed to pricing implementation trial and error. That’s why I’ll discuss best practices learned over a decade of experience helping leading companies through price implementation initiatives in the free webinar, “How to Help Your Sales Team Execute Price Changes Successfully.”

Click here to view webinar.

Attending this webinar will provide you with successful price improvement tips, helping your sales team realize the value of your organization’s products and improve communication regarding customers’ objections. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to partner with sales reps and get them on board with price increases

  • How to arm sales with the training they need to confidently execute your pricing plan

Ready to start achieving all that profit you were targeting? Click here to view webinar.

Help Your Sales Team Webinar

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