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Knowing your PI Score is the First Step to Profit Improvement


Know how you compare to industry peers with Profit Insights

Striking the right balance between effective pricing strategies and company performance is often an issue because there are so many factors involved. With price being the most important lever impacting your bottom line, one major pricing mistake could risk your company’s profit potential.

How do you develop a pricing strategy that is:

  • Adaptable across products, customers, channels, and regions
  • Effective in day-to-day execution and monitoring
  • Flexible enough to allow potential discounting
  • Proactive in reducing potential profit risks

There is no quick fix to help companies make better pricing decisions. Time constraints, inefficient processes, lack of information or communication across functional areas often result in inconsistent pricing practices and sub-optimal profit.

The sooner you leverage the power of price, the faster you improve bottom-line profitability.

And we know from experience that finding real profit opportunities can be quite an undertaking, not only to administer but also to build buy-in and alignment among the various business functions. That’s why we’ve made it easy to get you started with Profit Insights.

Profit Insights (PI) is a benchmarking assessment to measure your company’s pricing and commercial strategy and processes against the broader industry. Built on more than 10 years of responses and data, Profit Insights provides you with a PI Score and identifies areas of potential opportunity to capture the full power of price and drive profit improvement.

Don’t price in the dark, get your PI Score and start building sustainable profit.



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