Know your PI Score

Did you know that companies with a PI Score over 750 may experience a 2-4% annual revenue lift?

Profit Insights (PI) is a complimentary assessment that helps companies benchmark against industry peers and best practices, and highlights which levers to pull when looking to maximize their profit potential. Our proprietary PI Score is built on more than 10 years of responses and data helping companies navigate the pricing journey to capture the full power of price and drive overall profit improvement. 

Profit Insights analyzes the following key areas of your business:PI_761.png

  • Foundation - Organizational structure, business processes, and overall strategies
  • Pricing Excellence - Current pricing strategies, guidelines, and possible leaks
  • Sales Effectiveness - Discounting methods, consistency, and margins
  • Competitive Dynamics - Industry makeup, market share, and competitive techniques

ProfitInsights | Insight2Profit 

When you complete the assessment, you'll receive your overall PI Scoreour proprietary index benchmarking scoreso you know where you stand against industry peers. Companies who invest the time to answer the questions receive a comprehensive report that helps:

  • Uncover opportunities to improve profit
  • Benchmark in key areas of your business
  • Capitalize on pricing best practices

Don't wait to drive more profit in your company, take the assessment now to know your PI Score and gain better insights with Profit Insights!