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A Quality of PricingSM Assessment is your first step.

Here's how pricing can drive EBITDA throughout the  transaction process and private equity life cycle.


Our Quality of PricingSM Assessment brings pricing analysis to your due diligence playbook to identify price optimization, margin leaks and customer churn opportunities and risks – all critical to EBITDA growth and enterprise value creation.

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THE 1st 100 DAYS

We partner with you post-close to prioritize the roadmap of margin improvement opportunities to build momentum with quick wins, while building the foundation for your enterprise value creation plan. 

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We collaborate with you to develop pricing and commercial excellence capabilities to realize EBITDA improvement on current initiatives, and to provide the tools and processes to sustain the financial impact over time.

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Our Quality of PricingSM Assessment positions you for the best possible transaction by showcasing historical pricing performance and EBITDA growth opportunities that unlock value in your business.

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Profit Insights | Insight2Profit

Ready to gain actionable insights in record time?

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Here's how our QoP process delivers EBITDA improvement to the company.

INSIGHT2PROFIT’s mission is to help companies gain sustainable profit growth through pricing strategies. Since 2006, we’ve combined pricing expertise and technology to drive bottom-line profit to our clients.

Our Process

When we partner with your company, the process we take is customized to your needs. Most pricing strategy and implementation initiatives combine the following phases:

  • Cleanse and load 24 months of data
  • Provide a qualitative and quantitative deep dive
  • Refine product and customer data structure
  • Measure historical price, volume and mix patterns, plus revenue and margin trends
  • Identify and prioritize roadmap of opportunity
  • Measure the progress and make changes as needed

INSIGHT2PROFIT works with you to extend our analysis beyond pricing. We look at wallet share, customer churn, profit leaks and more.  Are you ready to get more profits?