Get Paid for the Value You Deliver

What market dynamics are cutting into your profits? Stiff competition? Countless SKUs? Changing economy?  With so many factors at play, a cost-plus-margin approach can only take you so far.

At INSIGHT2PROFIT, we help leading industrial companies maximize their profitability by looking at the big picture from every level – inside and out.  We’ve seen first-hand how companies that take the time to understand the perceived value and competitive landscape can see a positive impact on their bottom line.


  • Segment your customers into appropriate peer groups to drive strategic marketing and pricing
  • Validate purchasing behavior across all relevant customer, product and order attributes through detailed transaction analysis
  • Determine accurate customer-perceived value through external research
  • Collect and benchmark competitive market information to build a comprehensive and competitive landscape model


We take the guesswork out of pricing, helping you achieve the profit you deserve for the value you deliver. 

What Our Clients Say

“It’s almost impossible to get the data in our industry because nothing is scanned. It’s very fragmented; there are a lot of competitors and many, many, many SKUs. You can’t just audit the market to figure out if you’re priced right. INSIGHT2PROFIT solves that problem by looking at our historical sales data and throwing that up against our products and competitors to figure out if, theoretically, there’s room for more price. That theory makes perfect sense, once they take you through it.”
- Chris Schneider | Director of Marketing & IT, Shnier