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Private Equity
B2B Dealmaking Dynamics

A review of key trends in B2B dealmaking.

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Increase the effectiveness of your due diligence, create value for your portfolio companies and increase EBITDA for more successful exits with
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Fix price leaks, build pricing and profit capabilities throughout your organization and set the stage for sustainable bottom-line growth.

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Take control of the conversation, win more sales and make more money for your customers, your company, and yourself.

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Key PRivate Equity Trends in B2B Dealmaking

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We’ve delivered over 20% profit improvements to companies like yours. Read what our clients are saying.

Our business manages more than 20,000 SKUs yet we lacked a strong framework for profit optimization. The highly professional team at INSIGHT2PROFIT collaborated with our product managers to learn the business quickly, then employed sophisticated tools to cultivate numerous margin improvement opportunities across our product line.

Bob Nahmias | President & CEO
The Hilsinger Company

We achieved great results from INSIGHT2PROFIT that enable us to profitably grow our business."

Joe McAleese | President & CEO
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC | A Member of the Knorr-Bremse Group

The CEO at one of our portfolio companies was initially skeptical, but became a believer after the initiative with INSIGHT2PROFIT, and realized profit opportunity exists in price management."

Steven M. Ross | Managing Director
MCM Capital Partners, L.P.

INSIGHT2PROFIT drives results as opposed to just driving a process."

Erasmo Schutzer | Chief Marketing Officer

The preparation provided for the sessions by the INSIGHT2PROFIT professionals is unparalleled."

Stan Burson | President & CEO

Through INSIGHT2PROFIT's revolutionary technology, they showed us where specific customers were getting much deeper than market discounts and specific areas where we could confidently raise prices."

Valerie L. Campbell, CPA, CMA | Chief Financial Officer
Technical Consumer Products, Inc.

INSIGHT2PROFIT utilized a robust, data driven approach, while partnering with our team to uncover pricing opportunities where we initially felt none existed."

Scott Ritenauer | Chief Financial Officer
Kichler Lighting

INSIGHT2PROFIT was quick to assess our complex pricing situations and needs. They brought us a well educated outside perspective and a logical go-forward rationale to pricing initiative."

Tony Ciepel | VP of Commercial
Vita-Mix Corporation


DRIVE business application is a quick and easy way to transform data into actionable information that delivers profitability.


Transform your data.


Delve into your data deeper to more fully understand what’s driving your profitability and identify key information you need to impact your company's growth.

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Reports that took days to formulate, can now be done in minutes with DRIVE.

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The INSIGHT2PROFIT team is there to support you through implementation and beyond.

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