Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at INSIGHT

Our Commitment

At INSIGHT, we’re passionate about creating an inclusive workplace around our core values that prioritizes diversity. We believe that our ripple effect is stronger in an environment that is diverse in all ways; age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, thought process, ethnicity, and perspective. We are committed to being a place where everyone, from any background, can do their best work. We are a culture of action and will support our team members to get involved in their individual passions and build stronger communities.

Organizational Initiatives

  • Development of recommendations and measurement of results by a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Team of 20 members
  • Reduced bias among recruitment team members through ongoing implicit-bias training
  • Exploration of relevant Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion topics during monthly team-wide discussions
  • Value creation for mission-driven clients and non-profit partners through skills-based volunteering

Community Partnerships

There exists disparity and unequal advantages across people of different backgrounds, races, religions, income-level and other factors within our communities. There are many ways to bring about change and we have chosen to focus on inequity in education. We partner with local community organizations to provide financial, strategic, project-based, and volunteer-based support.

  • St. Martin de Porres is a private, college-preparatory high school in East Cleveland that combines academics and work study programs with local businesses to prepare students of limited means for future success in college, their careers, and their lives.
  • Project Rousseau empowers youth, especially those in low-income households, to reach their full potential and pursue higher education through mentorship, academic support, and community service programs to ensure success getting into and graduating from college. Project Rousseau’s students are from Chicago, New York, Nashville, Houston, and Indian Communities in Minnesota and South Dakota.

Talent Recruitment

INSIGHT values the diversity of our team members and is always looking to bring on talented individuals that can provide new perspectives on the problems we solve. Find out more about our team and our open positions.

INSIGHT2PROFIT is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants will not be discriminated against because of race, color, creed, sex, marital status, veteran status, medical condition or any protected category prohibited by local, state or federal laws.