Off all the things we had as opportunities, INSIGHT came in and said ‘focus over here and you’re going to win’, and we did.

Jodi Kahn
Broad Sky Partners

Our clients rely on us to deliver measurable results and continuous improvements.


We achieved great results from INSIGHT2PROFIT that enable us to profitably grow our business.

Joe McAleese | Board Member
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC

INSIGHT2PROFIT utilized a robust, data driven approach, while partnering with our team to uncover pricing opportunities where we initially felt none existed. Upon implementation of recommendations, appropriate controls, and ongoing measurement, we have delivered significant incremental financial benefit to the organization.

Scott Ritenauer | Chief Financial Officer
Kichler Lighting

Kichler Lighting

The tools, insights and conclusions provided by INSIGHT2PROFIT had a dramatic impact on our move-forward strategy and we are now utilizing INSIGHT2PROFIT to deliver additional improvements

Gail Constancio | Group Vice President
Menasha Packaging Company

INSIGHT2PROFIT was quick to assess our complex pricing situations and needs. They brought us a well-educated outside perspective and a logical go-forward rationale to pricing initiative.

Tony Ciepel | COO
Vita-Mix Corporation

Vitex Packaging Group

It is through INSIGHT2PROFIT’s technical expertise, enthusiasm and team approach that we were able to achieve outstanding results in such a short time; results that will continue to pay dividends to our business day.

Mike Moore | Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Vitex Packaging Inc.