Improved Data Visibility

Learn how one manufacturer earned an additional $2.0 million in profit over 12 months by getting a better grasp on its data.

$2 million+ in additional revenue in just 12 months.

Manufacturer Increases Revenue by More Than $2 million with Better Visibility into Pricing Data

With more than 3 million unique customer-product prices, it’s understandable this North-American manufacturer found it difficult to effectively manage pricing. Over the course of four years, the company left additional revenue of more than $2 million buried in lost data.

With the help of INSIGHT2PROFIT, the manufacturer was able to achieve standardization within its pricing structure, which helped to bring clarity to pricing and overall profit potential.

In this short case study, you’ll follow how the manufacturer went from product managers, sales personnel and customer service representatives working independently of one another–often contradicting pricing initiatives with deep discounts, cost increases outpacing price increases over a 4-year period and revenue loss of $3.5 million–to realizing more than $2 million in additional revenue in just 12 months.

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