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 INSIGHT’s Quality of PricingSM (QoP®) identifies margin improvement opportunities and risks - in as little as two weeks.

Learn how Quality of Pricing, a unique service dedicated to quickly identify margin improvement opportunities and risks, provides the clarity and confidence you seek throughout the transaction process.
  • Analyzing large data sets in granular detail
  • Providing visibility so you see what is driving growth and why
  • Deliver actionable roadmap, leveraging expertise & technology
  • Speed, our Quality of Pricing assessment delivers these differentiators in as little as two weeks
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Our experience speaks for itself.
Private Equity firms rely on INSIGHT2PROFIT to identify opportunities and risks others do not see in the due diligence process.
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"We attribute several million dollars of our recent transaction to INSIGHT2PROFIT’s data driven approach to showcasing EBITDA growth in collaboration with our sell-side Quality of Earnings."
- Private Equity Client, More than $10B AUM
Our proprietary Quality of PricingSM (QoP®) approach differentiates your diligence process.
INSIGHT2PROFIT partners with PE firms as an indispensable component to their diligence playbook. We optimize the data room, leverage our proprietary analytics and our pricing expertise to deliver our actionable and qualified insights.
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Andy leads INSIGHT2PROFIT’s Transaction Advisory Group, partnering with Private Equity firms, their portfolio companies and other advisors to add significant value to the M&A process by identifying enterprise value creation opportunities and risks.
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