Improve Profitability with Data-Driven Freight Pricing Methods

Fluctuating freight costs directly impact your business. And because freight costs and revenues are typically tracked in different systems, it can be difficult to see the impact freight has on profitability. INSIGHT2PROFIT’s proprietary technology combs through your transactional data to match the freight cost and revenue for each order, giving you visibility into the margin you’re earning – or losing – at the invoice level.

Once you’re able to measure your freight margin, you can work to improve it

INSIGHT creates live, dynamic freight pricing tools that can be integrated directly into your sales quoting system. These tools not only take into account such factors such as delivery speed, freight class, and shipment origination and destination, but also incorporate differentiated pricing models and target margins. We help businesses put processes in place that ensure that when you ship products, you at least recover your freight costs or, preferably, make a controlled profit.

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