List and Discount Pricing Strategy

List prices are an effective way to communicate product value and relative positioning, and to provide guidance in a multi-channel distribution strategy. Businesses with list prices that are visible to customers and other market participants benefit from having a discount strategy in place. For clients with large, commodity-based product portfolios, we often see discounting practices that run the gamut from disorganized and complicated to extremely simplistic. INSIGHT2PROFIT can help you establish a discounting structure that:

  • Identifies the level of discount required based upon the type of customer or transaction
  • Takes into account the value each of your products provides to customers
  • Is easy for your sales team to understand and manage

Taking the Time to Help You Succeed

We take the time to learn your business and investigate the market to understand where the different price and discount breaks are by product and customer, yielding a differentiated discount strategy that results in more money in your pocket.