Improve ROI with Micro-Segmentation Marketing and Pricing Strategies Customized to Your Business

Our clients have a complex array of customer types and product or service offerings, and what we often see are simple forms of pricing segmentation in place that are sufficient for traditional go-to-market strategies or sales force alignment. However, this degree of segmentation leaves considerable opportunity on the table by not tapping into how the intersection of customers, offerings and orders provides varying degrees of pricing power. INSIGHT2PROFIT’s micro-segmentation is designed to get to the right price for each customer, product or service, and order, and it involves both qualitative and quantitative methods.


First we get to know your business, the competitive landscape you operate in, and why your customers buy from you. We’ve done so many pricing engagements, we know the right questions to ask, and we know how to identify the elements and nuances to your customers and product or service offerings that can be used to drive segmentation.


Using those qualitative findings, we set micro-segmentation based prices and test them in the real world. We mine your sales data to measure how the customer micro-segmentation has affected such factors as your win rate, customer growth/decline, and volume to validate our initial approach or to detect opportunities for improvement based on real market feedback.

Identify Price Drivers Through Segmentation

Our technology and tools are structured to identify these opportunities for micro-segmentation based pricing effectively and efficiently, and our people have the experience to help your team implement this solution in such a way that drives buy-in and, ultimately, profitability.

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