Project Quote and Estimation Strategies

There is a moment right before you provide a quote for your services when most sales representatives pause. Am I confident that this is the right price? I wonder what my competitors are quoting? Is this too low? INSIGHT2PROFIT helps to remove the doubt associated with pricing in a quoted environment by bringing a mindful, data-driven approach to the estimating and quoting process that considers:

Cost Estimations

The resources required and the length of engagement can vary widely from project to project. It’s essential to identify what factors drive your costs (equipment, labor, rentals) and what variables (weather, geography, reliance on the work of others) could make it more difficult or more costly for you to complete the work.

Margin Expectations

Your work provides a different level of value to each client and in each unique situation, and the margins you expect should vary accordingly. Dynamics like the strategic nature of the work, the people involved, and the speed at which you are expected to deliver all factor into how much your clients are willing to pay for your work.

project based quote tool

Maximize the Impact on Your Profitability

At INSIGHT, we work with you to develop a fully-customizable estimating and quoting tool that allows your sales team to easily obtain a target price based upon the key cost and margin drivers of any situation. We take the time to ensure that our project quote model is aligned to your business and that our solution integrates seamlessly with your current structures and processes. Furthermore, following implementation, we measure the effect of the estimating and quoting tool on your win/loss rate and margins, and will continue to refine the solution to maximize its impact on your profitability.

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