Data Science is at the Core of Profit Improvement

Thanks to the tenure and expertise of our team, we know the types of information we need from your business to start identifying and quantifying opportunities for profit improvement, and we’re not at all intimidated by messy, unstructured data. Using proven AI/ML methodologies and proprietary algorithms, INSIGHT will turn messy data into actionable knowledge by developing a tailored pricing model that integrates seamlessly with your business technology.

Data Science Drives & Anchors Decision-Making, Bringing Clarity to Strategic Execution

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Our Data Engineering Process

Our processes are data-source independent, pulling a wide range of data from a variety of ERP and CRM systems. Each client is treated differently, as each project has a customized set of objectives and unique datasets.  Although our solutions vary widely – from a cost-to-serve assessment to a freight analysis to inventory management – our playbook and approach are consistent. 

We always start from a place of learning. A data call allows us to identify what data we are working with and the gaps that must be filled to achieve our objectives. Within a week, we’ve structured and analyzed your data such that we can begin reviewing our detailed findings with you. 

The value of our data engineering capabilities is not only the speed with which we’re able to make sense of your data, but also the repeatability of our analysis. As the engagement progresses, we continue to gather data and become experts in your field. This regular iteration yields a refined solution that is both validated and automated.

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Why Data Science?

Automating the process of data analysis means you don’t have to wait for a monthly report to identify issues and you codify decision-making best practices into a repeatable and predictable model.  By then incorporating the model into your business processes and technology, you create more consistent performance and more timely and relevant data to drive decision making.  Through our dynamic models and dashboards this knowledge is available daily or even multiple times a day, if necessary.  Proactive, data-driven decision making allows you to respond quickly to changing customer behaviors or market dynamics before they impact your profitability.

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INSIGHT Custom Integrated Solutions

INSIGHT’s data science approach and systems become smarter as they collect and analyze additional data over time, putting your business on a long-term path toward continuous profit improvement.

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How Our Data Engineering Process Helped a Client


A Fortune 500 company suspected it was losing money on freight but, after months of internal efforts, was unable to match freight costs to freight invoiced on more than a small percentage of transactions.


INSIGHT’s data engineering team built a custom, fuzzy lookup algorithm that searched nearly a dozen manually-entered data fields to accurately match and compare invoiced freight to freight costs on 85% of transactions, allowing the company to determine and address the specific causes of its freight losses.

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