The INSIGHT Impact Process is Proven to Drive Near and Long-Term Profit

INSIGHT leverages the IMPACT Process which has been developed and refined over 16 years and used across over 800 client engagements.

The IMPACT Process – A Proven Approach to Drive Value and Establish Competencies

INSIGHT's Pricing Impact Process

Partnering on Process Implementation and Training Helps Guarantee Profit Impact

We recognize that the profit opportunities we identify for your business don’t exist in a vacuum.
  • Those solutions and strategies need to be deployed effectively in the real world in order to maximize their impact, and we partner with you to make that happen.
  • INSIGHT takes care in transparently communicating our findings and recommendations to your team, collaborating with you to set new targets and demonstrating how those goals are attainable based on our analysis.
  • We know how critical buy-in is to the success of any new approach, so we work hard to get everyone on the same page by being fully transparent in the methodology and approach used to arrive at our recommendations.

Once we work through the why with your team, we move onto the how, identifying the best ways to implement these strategies within your organization. While our preferred method is in-person sales workshops, our support also includes script development, train-the-trainer events, role-playing exercises, holding regional calls or meetings, and practicing with your team so that they feel competent and confident when they begin to introduce changes with your customers.

Our goal is to empower your team so that they feel like they own the process, the content and the outcome, which will ultimately drive greater profit realization.

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