INSIGHT is the Leader in Pricing and Profitability Technology & Strategy

INSIGHT2PROFIT is the largest, fastest-growing company in the pricing and profitability space because no other company offers the fusion of technology and strategy that we do.

  • Consultants can give you a report of recommendations, but they can’t provide a customized technology solution and won’t partner with you to ensure successful implementation of those strategies.
  • Tech companies can provide software that addresses your pricing issues, but they won’t have taken the time first to develop a solid understanding of your company (what you do, how you do it, and who your customers are) to customize a solution that meets your needs today and is designed to support continuous improvement going forward. This often leads to pricing models that are difficult to interpret or are disconnected from your business. INSIGHT builds tailored AI/ML and technology solutions that fit where you are today and where you want to go in the future.
Drive Insight2Profit custom solution
INSIGHT implements solutions that integrate into your existing systems and workflows

We utilize established, state-of-the-art AI/ML and other proprietary modeling methodologies to construct models that inform decision making using transactional data within your business. We are agnostic to the technology utilized (i.e. we have tools if your organization does not, but we look forward to integrating our decision support engines into your workflows and tools).

Our dedicated technology team builds and maintains custom client tools, standard analytics and quoting applications that are integrated directly into ERPs and CRMs through our APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). We do the heavy lifting, requiring minimal IT resources on your side and deliver against an efficient integration timeline.

INSIGHT Custom Integrated Solutions

custom integrated solutions
Since our inception, our technology has been paired with the expertise of our team of dedicated advisors, allowing us to drive our clients’ profitability in ways no other organization can.
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