Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software Solutions

Your business isn’t off-the-shelf, and your CPQ software shouldn’t be either. INSIGHT’s Configure Price Quote software solutions are never one-size-fits-all. Instead, our team of expert data scientists and developers work with you to build a fully custom CPQ system that seamlessly blends with your existing technology. This individualized approach to CPQ means INSIGHT can deliver our clients unparalleled end-to-end integration with noteworthy speed to impact.

In fact, organizations that utilize CPQ technology software typically see a 28% reduction in the length of their sales cycles, and 49% higher proposal volume per representative per month. Let’s jump into how Insight2Profit’s solutions can be the best fit for your business goals.

Benefits of INSIGHT’s CPQ Software:

  • Faster Quote Generation: Our CPQ software is designed to streamline the quote generation process, enabling your sales team to create accurate and professional quotes in a fraction of the time. By automating manual tasks and leveraging intelligent pricing algorithms, you can respond to customer inquiries more swiftly and gain a competitive edge. 
  • Shorter Approval Time: Looking to make your approval process more efficient? By automating approval workflows and integrating with your existing systems, you can minimize bottlenecks and reduce the time required for quote approval. This means your sales team can close deals faster and drive even more revenue. 
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: INSIGHT’s CPQ solution was designed to optimize your operational efficiency. By centralizing product and pricing information, automating complex configurations, and eliminating errors, you can streamline your sales processes and improve overall productivity. As a result, your business will experience cost savings and a more agile operation. 
  • Fully Customizable: We recognize that every business has unique requirements. Our CPQ software is fully customizable, allowing us to tailor the solution to your specific needs. From configuring pricing rules to incorporating custom product catalogs and user interfaces, we ensure that the system aligns perfectly with your processes and branding. 
  • Industry Agnostic: Whether you’re in manufacturing, software, services, or any other sector, our solution can adapt to your specific industry requirements, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance.
  • Seamless End-to-End Integration: INSIGHT’s software seamlessly integrates with your existing technology stack, including your ERP, CRM, and other systems. This integration ensures a smooth flow of data and eliminates the need for manual data entry or duplicate processes. You can leverage the power of our CPQ solutions while maintaining a unified and cohesive technology environment.
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Empower your sales team to generate high-quality, error-free pricing quotes quickly and efficiently with INSIGHT2PROFIT’s custom CPQ software.

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