Create More EBITDA with Strategic Pricing

Your mission is to make your portfolio companies significantly more profitable within a five-year period. Our experience has shown there is no quicker way to increase profit than pricing. Pricing improvements are proven to have a more powerful effect on EBITDA than any other profitability initiative, including cost-cutting and sales growth. 

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At INSIGHT2PROFIT we help leading industrial companies increase profit significantly without hurting sales. From short-term price increases to changing the way companies quote custom business, our proprietary Quality of PricingSM (QoP) assists private equity firms with every stage of the private equity cycle.

Discover How Private Equity Dealmakers are Unlocking Value

The Private Equity Process


You’re fighting for dollars every day. Going after companies where big gains can be made through pricing. INSIGHT2PROFIT’s expertise makes your funds more attractive to potential investors due to the tremendous potential of including pricing initiatives in your profitability plan.

Due Diligence.

Leading private equity firms bring INSIGHT2PROFIT’s experts into the due diligence process to discover the true opportunity that exists in the realm of price improvements. Our Quality of Pricing AssessmentSM creates a more accurate picture of a potential portfolio company’s value, helping private equity firms determine how much they’re willing to pay for new acquisitions.

Value Creation.

The best way to increase your IRR is to increase the EBITDA of your portfolio companies. Whether during the First 100 Days or during the Hold Period, you are looking for the most efficient and effective methods to produce big results and create an ongoing price improvement plan. Our Quality of PricingSM Diagnostics does both. We find low-hanging fruit – like price leaks, hidden freight costs and disproportionate discounts – then we assess current and historical transactions, and apply strategy and analytics to determine the best sustainable route to increase the EBITDA of your portfolio company.

Exit Strategy.

Tackling price changes early in your investment sets you up for a successful exit five years down the road. INSIGHT2PROFIT helps companies pay down debt with increased profit through price improvements, creating value that pays off when it’s time to sell and using our Quality of PricingSM Assessment to showcase that value.