Willingness to Pay

Is your pricing optimized based on customer willingness to pay?

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An Education Software Provider had developed a new service and was struggling with how to structure price (per session, per month, etc.), what to price, and how to bundle this new service with the existing offerings. Additionally, they had limited pricing standards and guidance for their existing offerings that didn’t account for customer sentiments.


INSIGHT began by deploying a market survey to the Software Provider’s current and potential customers to understand purchasing motivations and decision factors. Then, we conducted two sets of analyses:

Then, we utilized results to determine price sensitivity, map demand-revenue analysis, and derive the optimal price to maximize customer conversion and revenue.

The Results

This willingness to pay market study revealed the optimal pricing structure and price in order to maximize customer conversion and revenue, while meeting the needs of the customers.

  • Optimal Price Point
  • Optimal Pricing Structure
  • Optimal Bundling with Existing Services