Due Diligence Services to Optimize Your Pricing Strategy

INSIGHT2PROFIT’s Quality of Pricing® (QoP®) service quickly identifies margin improvement opportunities and risks to provide clarity and confidence throughout the transaction process. When you add QoP to your due diligence toolkit, you’ll experience margin improvement insights on the buy side and maximize your exit value on the sell side.

Delivering Value Throughout the Entire Private Equity Lifecycle

For over a decade, INSIGHT has delivered countless private equity firms measurable revenue growth through our pricing consulting and profit strategies. We are experts at analyzing and interpreting data to quickly identify unique, quantifiable EBITDA growth opportunities and inform high-quality investment decisions.

Buy Side Diligence

Speed to Clarity

  • Identify & quantify EBITDA growth opportunities in days, not weeks
  • Deliver high-resolution visibility based on in-depth, proprietary commercial data analytics
  • Consider value creation opportunities to underwrite

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Sell Side Diligence

Maximize Exit Value

  • Define a roadmap of opportunity areas and quick wins to realize pre-transaction
  • Showcase pricing journey, remaining upside, and capacity to realize margin improvement
  • Provide data engineering to support clean, valuable data

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Identify Growth Opportunities and Maximize Exit Value with INSIGHT2PROFIT’s Quality of Pricing

Don’t let your portfolio company leave money on the table. INSIGHT2PROFIT utilizes a unique, rapid-response process that blends pricing expertise, robust data analytics, and our proprietary DRIVE technology to foster a competitive advantage for buyers and sellers throughout the transaction process as well as the portfolio company’s lifecycle.

Transaction Life Cycle
INSIGHT2PROFIT conducted over 100 due diligence as part of private equity firms' mergers & acquisitions
100+ M&A due diligences supported in the last two years
INSIGHT2PROFIT supported $100B value of transactions in the past two years
$100B value of transactions supported in the last two years

Whether your next diligence is on the buy or sell side, we can help ensure a successful transaction.

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