Get the Competitive Advantage with Quality of Pricing®

When evaluating a potential acquisition, set your due diligence toolkit apart from your competitors by including objective, third-party analysis that provides you speed to clarity into the profit improvement opportunities and risks the target company presents.

As part of buy-side due diligence, INSIGHT2PROFIT's Quality of Pricing (QoP®) assessment will help you:

  • Identify and quantify EBITDA growth opportunities in days
  • Maximize the data room to provide clarity on what drives commercial results
  • Define a roadmap for improvement and determine the enterprise value creation to consider and underwrite
  • Set a course to prioritize opportunities, building a foundation and momentum for your 100-day plan
“We utilize INSIGHT’s Quality of Pricing services as an essential diligence workstream to see baseline and upside margin improvement opportunities in target companies.”

PE firm with >$15B AUM

Gain clarity from INSIGHT’s Quality of Pricing

We identify commercial opportunities and risks others can’t because our proprietary technology is able to quickly make sense of vast amounts of complex data and provide analytical depth your competitors lack. By partnering with INSIGHT, you’ll see the target company more clearly than others and make better-informed business decisions because we eliminate unknowns.

Post-transaction, INSIGHT collaborates with you to deliver financial impact

Our work is not done when the purchase agreement is signed. INSIGHT is your partner in developing and implementing a 100-day plan that drives immediate impact on your profitability and builds momentum in your value creation plan. We partner with you throughout the hold period to manage and deliver on the roadmap of EBITDA growth opportunities identified during diligence and post-acquisition.

QoP can:
  • Discover price differentiators
  • Uncover hidden price leaks
  • Correct price outliers
  • Assess wallet share opportunities
  • Evaluate customer churn
  • Identify segmentation opportunities
Gain actionable insights in days before your next acquisition with QoP.
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