Sell-Side Due Diligence Services for Increased Transaction Value

Maximize Your Exit Value with Quality of Pricing®

When planning to exit a business, you want to demonstrate the ability to drive EBITDA growth as well as showcase remaining growth opportunities to maximize deal value. INSIGHT2PROFIT’s innovative sell-side due diligence process, Quality of Pricing, blends pricing expertise, robust data analytics, and a proprietary technology platform to uncover untapped pricing power and margin improvement potential in your business. Further, we partner with our clients to realize quick wins to build momentum and show margin impact in financial statements prior to the quality of earnings and CIM development.

As part of your sell-side due diligence checklist, INSIGHT's QoP® assessment will help you:

  • Identify near-term margin improvement opportunities for immediate (pre-transaction) execution
  • Highlight and quantify the roadmap of revenue and EBITDA growth opportunities
  • Showcase the pricing journey and organizational capacity to embrace analytics and realize margin improvement
  • Provide data engineering support to clean, validate and structure commercial data
  • Position enterprise value creation upside in marketing materials – e.g., CIM, management presentation and data room
  • Collaborate with the investment bank and QoE provider to qualify impact to date and remaining upside
INSIGHT's Quality of Pricing assessment

When should you contact INSIGHT about QoP? The earlier the better.

Ideally, twelve to eighteen months in advance of your company going to market, we can implement selected QoP recommendations so you can demonstrate their financial impact and showcase the realized EBITDA benefit in your CIM and management presentation. Further, QoP presents the roadmap of remaining margin improvement opportunities for the buyer to consider as they evaluate the company.

Alternatively, one to two months prior to preparing your CIM and associated materials, a QoPassessment will highlight EBITDA growth opportunities and associated implementation that can be featured as you market your company.

In either case, INSIGHT partners with the investment bank to position margin improvement progress and future opportunity, and works, as necessary, with the quality of earnings provider to qualify any adjustments.

In as little as two weeks, QoP gives you:
  • A roadmap of opportunity areas to realize margin improvement
  • An estimated “size of prize” for each opportunity area
  • Quick wins to deliver benefit before the transaction
  • A multi-year plan to drive enterprise value creation

QoP positions you for the best possible transaction by unlocking value in your business.

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