Consumer Products Consulting Solutions

INSIGHT2PROFIT works with consumer goods companies to ensure you’re realizing as much profit as possible from your channel partners and consumers. Our CPG consultants help you:

cost to serve channel partners

Examine and refine your program structures with various channel partners.

You likely utilize retailers or e-commerce to help sell your products to consumers, and with each of your channel partners, you have programs in place that may include details around exclusive or rebranded products, rebates, marketing spend, training, payment terms, freight, returns and restocking fees, among other considerations. Each of those factors is a cost your business deemed worthwhile when the relationship was established, but do those program terms still make sense now? INSIGHT’s data science, technology capabilities, and expertise in the consumer goods industry allow us to dig deep into your program structures to provide full visibility into the cost to serve each of your channel partners and to identify opportunities to increase the profitability of those relationships.

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Make your product portfolio more profitable.

It might seem like having a larger product portfolio gives you a better chance to make money – the more things you offer, the more you can sell, right? INSIGHT’s approach to developing a profitable portfolio is rooted in simplicity. Instead of encouraging you to offer every widget in the book, we analyze your sales data to identify your highest-volume and most-profitable product offerings. Our CPG consulting team then works with you to narrow your focus onto the products that your customers demand and that make you money, shedding unprofitable and legacy products along the way.

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pricing channel partners
promotional effectiveness

Design promotions that drive profitable customer behaviors.

If consumers know that your business offers a particular promotion at a certain time of year, a number of them are likely going to wait to buy until they get that deal. The habits your business develops around promotions condition your consumers to expect a certain price or benefit, causing a shift in their purchasing behaviors. INSIGHT helps your business take a step back and examine whether the customer behavior patterns your promotions are driving are profitable. Together, we rethink how to structure your promotions and develop promotions that benefit your customers’ wallets and your bottom line.

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Set and govern minimum advertised pricing.

One of the keys to setting prices for your products is understanding how they are positioned within your own portfolio. INSIGHT’s consumer goods consulting can help you:

  • Identify what features and benefits set your good, better and best offerings apart
  • Determine how to price those products in a way that signals their differences and reflects the value they offer your customers
  • Communicate those products’ value propositions effectively to consumers

Once you’ve set your minimum advertised pricing, we work with you to ensure you have a process in place for monitoring sellers’ compliance to MAP, preserving the integrity of your thoughtful product positioning efforts.

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consumer goods price planning