INSIGHT's Expertise Helps You Find More Business

INSIGHT2PROFIT helps consumer services clients to price and position their offerings correctly, and we give them the tools they need to win more business. INSIGHT2PROFIT’s unique combination of data science, technology and pricing expertise can help your consumer services business:

product pricing positioning

Structure and communicate your levels of service to optimize profitability.

When we talk about positioning with our clients, it’s not just about finding your place in the market relative to your competitors – it’s also about being clear how your offerings are positioned within your own portfolio. Consumer services businesses benefit from INSIGHT’s expertise in defining your good/better/best options and pricing these offerings based not on costs but on the perceived value they provide to your customers. With a thoughtful structure in place and a clear understanding of the value proposition of each offering, we equip your sales team with best practices and the right talking points to upsell customers and drive profitability.

Product Positioning

Maximize your value in a market that doesn’t lend itself to comparisons.

It’s difficult for consumers to comparison shop for services; while they know a furnace tune-up costs $99 from Company A and $149 from Company B, it’s not always clear how the two companies’ tune-ups differ. INSIGHT works with you to leverage that opacity, allowing your business to take a micro-segmentation based approach to pricing – identifying instances in which you have a less attractive value proposition and need to be more controlled on price, as well as more favorable pricing situations that present opportunities for you to maximize your profitability.

Micro-Segmentation Based Pricing
micro segmentation based pricing
configuring price quote

Increase your speed to quote to capture the sale.

How quickly you can provide a consumer with a price or a quote dramatically affects your win rate. In the consumer services sector, though, your price is contingent upon a number of variables, and it can be challenging to turn around a well-crafted quote in a short period of time. INSIGHT develops customized quoting solutions based on your business’s unique cost and margin considerations to yield thoughtful, profitable quotes in real time to increase your chances of winning. As market dynamics and value drivers shift, we refine the quoting tool to ensure its continued positive impact on your business’s profitability.

Configure Price Quote