Manufacturing Consultant Services

Your goal is to make products that make you money. At INSIGHT2PROFIT, we know that it’s often not that simple, and our technological capabilities and expertise uniquely qualify us to help manufacturers increase their profitability when faced with common challenges, such as:

You can’t recover your costs when commodity prices rise.

We believe that your prices should reflect the value you provide your customers. That value varies across your book of business and product portfolio, and INSIGHT’s industrial consultants help you institute differentiated price changes based upon that value, giving your business the opportunity to go beyond recouping costs and to realize incremental margin growth. Setting appropriate price differentiation is only one part of the equation, however; it’s also vital that your sales team be armed with the right information to communicate those adjustments to your customers in terms of the value your business provides.

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You know your product portfolio (i.e., number of SKUs) is too large, but you’re having a hard time narrowing it down.

Including an objective, third-party perspective in your business’s portfolio-streamlining efforts is a good start. INSIGHT’s analysis then sorts and ranks your products based on how profitable they are and how important they are to your customers. Equipped with that information, we begin the collaborative process of working with the leaders in your organization to determine which products can be eliminated or consolidated and which are integral to your business.

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You miss out on sales because you don’t have the right products in stock or can’t get orders to customers quickly enough.

As a manufacturer, managing your inventory effectively gives you a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace. INSIGHT designs data-driven processes to dynamically predict what your customer network will need and to feed those forecasts quickly across the organization, ensuring that you have the products that are truly in demand and drive margins to serve your customers efficiently and profitably.

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You’re running at 100% capacity and don’t know how to grow your business without expanding.

When your business is capacity constrained, you need to do more with the resources you have. With INSIGHT’s ability to combine disparate datasets from divisions across your organization – the commercial sales team, finance, operations and supply chain – we can identify how to make the most money per hour from each machine, allowing you to optimize utilization and boost margins.

Throughput Profitability

You don’t seem to be making as much money as you should with certain channel partners.

When selling through distributors or wholesalers, it’s important to examine the costs of serving those partners. INSIGHT works with your business to ensure that the programs you’ve put in place – in terms of freight policies, rebates, payment terms, returns, and many other cost factors – are driving and incentivizing profitable behaviors among your channel partners.

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