Drive Returns and Increase Exit Multiples with INSIGHT2PROFIT’s Private Equity Services and Profitability Strategies

INSIGHT has the tools and expertise you need to create enterprise value and increase profits across the private equity lifecycle. Whether you’re on the buy-side, sell-side, or in the middle of a hold period, INSIGHT can help drive profit improvement.

Private Equity Due Diligence

When you need to quickly understand the profit improvement potential and risks presented by a target company, our proprietary Quality of Pricing® (QoP®) assessment identifies quantifiable EBITDA growth opportunities in a matter of days.

With our private equity due diligence checklist and in-depth analytics, we make sense of the data, provide clarity of opportunities and risks, and help determine the value-creation hypotheses of a potential acquisition. From there INSIGHT can help you define a roadmap for profit improvement.

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Private Equity Due Diligence
price value creation

Value Creation

At INSIGHT, we understand that our clients need a strategy that includes both quick wins and long-term plans for sustainable EBITDA growth. That’s why we partner with you to develop a 100-day plan that both prioritizes margin improvement opportunities with immediate impact and long-term profitability strategies. Together, these profit improvement strategies set a foundation for ongoing, consistent enterprise value creation.

Like you, INSIGHT also understands that business conditions change over the course of ownership, which is why we continuously monitor results and collect data in real-time to proactively adjust for profit impact throughout the hold period.

For existing portfolio companies, INSIGHT can conduct a pricing opportunity diagnostic in just a few weeks that delivers a quantifiable roadmap of suggested pricing actions. This quick assessment provides visibility and clarity into where and how to prioritize pricing, regardless of where your business is in its lifecycle.

The INSIGHT Advantage
Exit Strategy

A Quality of Pricing diagnostic is a key part of the exit planning process. After all, the goal is to maximize the value of your transaction. INSIGHT’s sell side services will showcase the progress the company has made, identify near-term opportunities to realize pre-transaction, deliver a roadmap of profit growth initiatives for potential buyers to evaluate and provide transaction support with buy side parties.

The earlier in the sell-side due diligence process INSIGHT is engaged, the more enterprise value can be created and qualified rather than just being treated as a “pro forma adjustment.” We use pricing expertise, robust data analytics and proprietary technology to uncover untapped pricing power and margin improvement potential. We then collaborate with investment banks to capture margin impact and showcase the future EBITDA opportunities in actionable, quantitative terms.

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Quality of Pricing diagnostic
Partnering with INSIGHT pricing technology

Partnership with INSIGHT

INSIGHT2PROFIT’s technology platform, data science capabilities and industry expertise create a complete solution with a proven track record of delivering sustainable benefits to sponsor-backed businesses. When you partner with us, it demonstrates to your limited partners and investors that your firm has a differentiated approach to creating EBITDA through pricing and commercial excellence.

When you need to deliver upper-quartile returns or raise your next fund, INSIGHT has the reputation and name recognition to help.

Off all the things we had as opportunities, INSIGHT came in and said ‘focus over here and you’re going to win’, and we did.

Jodi Kahn
Broad Sky Partners

"INSIGHT’S sell-side Quality of Pricing support added millions to the valuation.”

PE Firm with >$10B AUM

Whether your portfolio is at the beginning, middle, or end of its hold cycle, INSIGHT can help ensure value creation and a successful transaction.
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