Positioning Strategy for Product and Service Offerings

When we work with businesses on product positioning strategy, our goal is to help you maximize the value of each product you’re selling by targeting it to the appropriate customer segment with the right value proposition.

Developing a Data-driven Market Positioning Strategy

Not all of your customers need the top-of-the-line widget; some want the gets-the-job-done widget. Using price points and communication to effectively position and differentiate your products – both within your own portfolio and in the marketplace at large – will help you broaden both your overall market appeal and your earning potential. INSIGHT’s strength in data analytics and expertise in capturing the voice of the customer allow us to not only work with you to develop a thoughtful, profitable product positioning strategy but also to design and deploy tools to help your salesforce execute in ways that ensure that strategic positioning is maintained over time.

Maximize the value of your products today.

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