Streamline Your Product Offering with SKU Optimization

We see this scenario frequently – a business knows it should streamline its product offerings, but when members of the organization are tasked with the exercise of determining which products to cut, they barely make a dent. INSIGHT can help you look at your portfolio objectively and narrow it down to those products that your customers are demanding and that will drive margin for your business. Our SKU rationalization methodology and approach is two-pronged:

First, we conduct a data-driven analytical exercise that sorts and ranks products based on their margin contribution and their customer importance score.

Next, we begin the collaborative process of working with leaders across the organization to make decisions regarding product rationalization for removal or consolidation, driving consensus as you work toward a more streamlined portfolio.

We help you approach these decisions in a structured manner and develop a playbook for simplifying your portfolio.

Ensuring that the products you have are the ones that matter to your customers and make you money.

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