3 Steps to Navigating Tariffs

Use our 3 Steps to Navigating Tariffs Guide for specific implementation guidelines and ways to successfully manage cost increases caused by import tariffs.


50+ Most Common Price Leaks

Whether it’s from pricing, freight, rebates, or payment terms, price leaks can have a detrimental effect on your company’s profitability. In this infographic, we’ve outlined the 50 most common price leaks across multiple business areas.

How Private Equity Dealmakers Unlock Value

Ensuring your deal is worth it remains more critical than ever before. In a recent interview with PitchBook, we review strategies to ensure revenue and EBITDA growth in the costly current environment.


Private Equity B2B Dealmaking Dynamics

As competition for prime targets continues, execution prior to and post-close is as critical as ever. PitchBook and INSIGHT2PROFIT’s latest publication explores the key strategies private equity dealmakers are using to differentiate their approaches for swifter execution and greater certainty in results.


B2B Pricing without Fear

Answers to the top questions B2B executives have about pricing, how it impacts profitability and how to do it well.


How to Maintain Profit Growth

As part of their 2019 Annual US PE Breakdown report, Pitchbook interviewed Terry Oblander, our Chief Growth Officer, on how to maintain profit growth in uncertain markets.


Four Common Price Leaks and How to Fix Them

Let’s talk about price leaks. You’ve set your product pricing, but after considerations like discounts, freight costs, program allowances, rebates and payment terms, how much of that price actually reaches your bottom line?


Negotiation Tactics

To prepare your sales team for those difficult price increase conversations, it helps to have a negotiation tactics document that clearly communicates the preferred tactics to use when facing customer objection, and which ones to stay away from.


How to Create More EBITDA

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, private equity firms have to be smarter about creating value for shareholders. In this report, you’ll learn how to pro-actively create value through smarter pricing strategies.


Quality of Pricing Readiness Guide

This guide shows you key Quality of Pricing readiness criteria for each transaction stage (buy-side due diligence, post-acquisition, hold period, and sell-side due diligence.)

Four Ways to Drive ROI in Your Sales Team

Your sales team can make the difference between slow, stagnant growth in your business and soaring profitability. In this guide, you’ll find how to help your reps win more and maximize your ROI by developing and implementing a sales strategy that drives profitable performance and changes ingrained behaviors.

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Why Bad Pricing Happens to Good Companies

Ready to master your B2B pricing strategy? In this eBook, you’ll gain insight into the steps your company can take to increase profits without resorting to cost-cutting measures.

Why bad pricing happens to good companies