Build Profit with Technology

Spreadsheets. Access databases. Excel. PowerPoint. All of these tools become inadequate when you’re trying to turn transaction-level data into useful analytics. There’s power in your numbers, but without the right technology, it’s hard to see the potential clearly. You need the right information — the ACTIONABLE information that delivers details clarifying why your profits and margins are changing from month to month and quarter to quarter. But with your current tools and programs, you just can’t get the vetted insight.

Pricing and Product Managers DRIVE2PROFIT Screenshot

Enter DRIVE, a quick and easy way to transform data into actionable information that delivers profitability. DRIVE gets you to tomorrow’s opportunities faster with:

  • Profit Builder – Simplify analytics. Accelerate profit
  • Price Builder CPQ – Capture the full value of every quote
  • Profit Planner – Implement your plan with confidence

What Our Clients Say

"INSIGHT2PROFIT utilized a robust, data driven approach, while partnering with our team to uncover pricing opportunities where we initially felt none existed. Upon implementation of recommendations, appropriate controls, and ongoing measurement, we have delivered significant incremental financial benefit to the organization."
- Scott Ritenauer, Kichler Lighting