QofPSM Elevates QoE

Private Equity Dealmaking Trends across the B2B Landscape

The volume of private equity dealmaking in the US has never been higher. While thus far the intense pace is not quite as frenetic as last year’s, $223.4 billion closed across nearly 1,600 transactions through early June 2019. With the median buyout deal size near all-time highs, navigating B2B dealmaking dynamics remains tricky.

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This in-depth report covers:

  • Key trends and watch-outs in B2B PE activity
  • The importance of "qualified” EBITDA adjustments for both buyers and sellers
  • How Quality of PricingSM (QofPSM) allows PE firms  to quickly leverage the escalating contents of data rooms
  • Critical points B2B companies going to market should include in their CIM
B2B Dealmaking Trends Report

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